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~it’s perfect for swallow depth windows since it offers ultimately versatility in light for you can easily manage its control from dim and soft light to cheerful bright illumination.

~Two kinds of horizontal blinds

  • both are slim however micro is slimmer than mini due to its slat measure
  • both can give you an impaired view outside and inside your window; blades are hardly notice due to its sliminess.
  • fashionable colors and shades are ready depending on your choice
  • guaranteed lifetime rust- proof from the head to bottom rails
  • very easy to maintain, simple feather duster will do to remove dust from the blades
    • best for wide windows; perfect choice for application that maximizes top to bottom views and scene
    • easy controls and best fitted for sliding doors and windows
    • has an adjustable partition and moves sideways; left to right or vice versa
    • can be a sunshade and a room divider

~kinds of vertical blinds

*fabric vertical blinds

  • combines the softness and warmth of fabrics with the versatility of verticals
  • create beautiful interior spaces with our louvers of various textures and designs

*pvc vertical blinds

  • PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride
  • More durable, softer and flexible by the addition of plasticizers, so it is guaranteed that it will last longer.

~both are very easy to clean simple sponge or feather duster can easily remove dirt or dust from the blades.

  • Shades

    • take advantage of diverse varieties of textile and fabric that may be used
    • have variety of options from roll- up, fold- up or sliding mechanisms.
    • are also sunscreen blinds that will give an elegant and sophisticated appearance to any window

~kinds of shades:

  • sliding panel shades

      • An ideal modern alternative to standard window treatments
      • Use an alternative to vertical blinds for larger windows, patio and sliding doors
    • roman shades (Fabric & Bamboo)

      • Add to any room in the house by giving fashionable style in a simple way
      • So easy to maintain and operate
      • Its commonly used as an alternative to traditional curtains

    roller shades - Sunscreen

      • It’s a sunscreen
      • a UV protector up to 97%,
      • an energy saver
      • flame retardant due to its composition of 30% polyester and 70% pvc
      • variety of colors and thickness of fabric to choose from
      • colors of the textiles are in class 4.5 meaning it will last longer

    roller shades- Block – out

    Give an elegant and sophisticated appearance to any window and at the same time provides the following benefits:

    •  a UV protector up to 100% block
    •  Heat control and zero out sun glaring
    •  Maximum eye comfort
    •  Preserve your view to the outside with daytime privacy.
    •  Protection from the sun which can cause the fading or dulling of the furniture fabrics, furniture and carpet.
    •  Reduce energy consumption.

    ~all are very easy to maintain dust can be removed with a simple dry towel or vacuum cleaner.
    ~fabric can be clean using mild detergent and water

    ~by combining the opposites that will produce sources of creative inspiration to our windows
    ~all are derived from the size of pattern, fabrics with 3D works that will create figures of light that will fill the room with surprising effects like a blink of our eyes.
    ~fabrics are coating- free that will make you natural and feel earth friendly products.
    ~variety of designs and colors are ready depending on your choice

    ~are traditional however with good fashion, design and style will make it elegant and sophisticated to every eye that will take a glimpse on your window.

    ~ Why do we need use wallpapers?

    • Wall papers creates patterns on our wall
    • It gives color to you moods
    • It changes the dimension or your room
    • Installation is fast and hassle- free since it will not leave any undesirable odors

    ~What’s the advantage of wall papers?

    • Wall papers get rid of the unsightly defects and irregularities of our wall.
    • Uses the best technology from world class manufacturers meaning its durable and easy to remove.
    • All vinyl wall papers are very easy to maintain they are washable and spongeable.

    ~how to choose your design?

    ---Whatever style or mood… there’s always a design for you.
    Let your imagination run wild… take a look around you and get something that inspires you. Make it a basis of your new creative style and design theme.
    Wall covering makes a home complete by bringing that special touch and effect which you can never achieve with mere painting.


    • CARPETS (wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles)

    ~are stain and bleach resistant, flame retardant, and anti- static
    ~has an anti- microbial
    ~best for exhibition hall, show rooms, shopping malls, resorts, restaurants, offices, pubs, factories, hotel rooms, for residential and many other more.

    • ACOUSTIC BOARD- good for ceiling and wall for sound proofing

    ~all has a safety lock mechanism
    ~available in 2, 3 or 4 drawers in lateral or vertical steel filing cabinet
    ~ fire proof steel filing cabinets are also available

    ~a functional sound proof divider
    ~known as wall in motion
    ~modified way in maximizing space usage
    ~can instantly divide large areas into small rooms
    ~easy and very light to operate
    ~panels are very easy to store while not in use
    ~various design and colors are available
    ~superior sound abatement
    ~reasonable price

    ~Excellent solution for dividing or combining spaces depending on your needs. ~Comes in a wood- like finishes with option for plain, louvered and panel.
    ~Best suited for areas that require privacy like conference rooms, function rooms,       multipurpose hall or just about any space that you would like to unify or separate.

    ~Doors that you can peep through, shut off and fling open, easily, gently
      and conveniently.

    ~Good for:

    • Homes:

    *as a divider between living and dining rooms
    *as a hallway partitions
    *as a bathroom doors
    *and closet doors

    • For offices:

    *as a private enclosure for conferences
    *as a doors for inner rooms

    • For hotel and restaurants

    *as a doors & partitions for their multi- function room


    ~Functional & various space creation
    ~HP Laminate- High class linage & natural wood
    ~Pleasant design & diverse utility for active open space with lots of color collection


    ~customized, innovative and stylish with HPL laminates that will create a high- class linage & natural wood finish
    ~sophisticated designs with various utility for active open space with different color collection.


    ~are ergonomic with proper back contour
    ~has pneumatic mechanism so it’s easy to control its height with quality mechanism however it varies with the price range
    ~different of variation of models are ready to choose from depending to the usage of every chairs.


    ~ HP Laminate- High class linage & natural wood
    ~ Pleasant design & diverse utility for active open space with lots of color   collection





Amjolce Products

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